defeats or deaths

The Little Mermaid Edit

  • Scuttle's defeat
  • Fostman and Jetson's death
  • Ursula's defeat

The Wheels on the Bus Edit

  • Humpty Dumpty's defeat
  • The Red Bus' defeat
  • Young Cow's death
  • The Grand Duke's death

Strawberry Shortcake Edit

  • Snakes, Leg-Logs, Spooky Eyes and Bats' defeat
  • The Black Toucan's death
  • The Evil Horse Hunter's death
  • Raven's defeat
  • Madame Horse's defeat

Wonder Pets Edit

  • Big Bad Wolf's defeat
  • Cockatoo's death
  • Linny and Tuck's death
  • The Soldiers' defeat
  • Red Dog's death
  • Dragon's defeat

Bob the Builder Edit

  • The Spider's death
  • Rico's defeat
  • Muck's death
  • Spud as Dragon's death

Ultimate Nursery Rhyme Video Edit

  • Squddy the Spider's death
  • Buzz Tiger's defeat
  • The Bee's defeat
  • Mother Goose's death
  • The Crazy Beetles' defeat
  • Tom Cat's defeat

The Muppets (2011) Edit

  • The Moopets' defeat
  • The Muppets on the TV Walking's death
  • The Car's death